Policies, Rules and Regulations

Horden Parish Council has a number of policies and procedures in place, you can access a number of these policies by clicking on the links below. Policy Statements and Policies not available on this page can be obtained in hard copy (fees apply)

Standing Orders & Financial Regulations

Standing Orders are an easy-to-understand comprehensive guide on the legal, financial, administrative and governance aspects of running a local council:

Standing Orders May 2022

Financial Regulations 2022-23

Complaints Procedure

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction, however made, about the standard of service, actions, or lack of action by the Council or its staff affecting a customer or a group of customers.This procedure covers complaints about the administration or procedures of the Council:

Complaints Procedure

Persistent and Vexatious Complaints Procedure

This procedure covers persistent and vexatious complaints about the administration or procedures of the Council and is designed to supplement the Council’s approved and adopted Complaints procedure:

Persistant Complaints Procedure 2009

Anti Fraud and Corruption Policy

The Policy sets out the Council’s commitment to the prevention and detection of fraud and corruption:

Anti Fraud and Corruption 2017

Thorpe Road Cemetery - Rules of Management and Acceptance of Interment

A guide to all aspects of burial services at Thorpe Road Cemetery and Rules of Management, including Acceptance of Interment:

Cemetery rules

Policy for Acceptance for Interment


Email Contact Privacy Notice Website

Information Data Protection Policy 2018

Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

Donation Policy

Donation Request

Councillor Co-option Procedure

Co-option Procedure

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