Data Transparency and Finance

The Government published the Local Government Transparency Code in February 2015.

The intention of the Code is to increase transparency in the publication of public sector data and particularly around how public money is being used, in order to allow local people to hold local authorities to account over how their council tax is spent and the decisions that are taken on their behalf.

Part 2 of the Code sets out the information that it is recommended is published by town and parish councils with a gross annual income or expenditure exceeding £200,000

Horden Parish Council is committed to being open and transparent in its decision making processes and in spending tax payers’ money and will strive to meet the publication requirements set out in Part 2 as far as these are relevant to the Council.

  • Senior Employees' Salaries Over £58,200 per year - No employee receives a salary at this level.
  • Trade Union Facility Time - Horden Parish Council has no staff members who are union representatives and therefore has no information to publish.
  • Government Procurement Card Transactions - Horden Parish Council do not use a Government Procurement Card.

Details of grants/donations which have been awarded by Horden Parish Council can be viewed below:

Grants and Donations

Councillor Allowances and Expenses - Payments made to Horden Parish Councillors are detailed below:

Horden Parish Council Members Allowances Scheme and Payments

Expenditure exceeding £500 - Please find details below of all payments made by the Parish Council:

Expenditure Exceeding £500


Financial Information Including Budgets and Cemetery Fees



Procurement and Tender Invitations Exceeding £5,000

Procurement and Tender Invitations exceeding £5,000

Staff Establishment Structure:

Staff establishment 2024

Parish Council Land:

Horden Parish Council Land and Building Assets 2023-24





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